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Our utmost goal is to provide artistic and innovative content within the visual medium while ensuring excellence in service. Storytelling is a vital element of any artistic medium, and we make it our goal to tell a story with every project. We are a husband and wife team who are extremely enthusiastic about working together, and with over a decade of professional experience, we ensure that you will be hiring the best team for your needs.

Jason from an early age has always wanted to direct and create. His absolute passion for film, television, animation and games is a driving force in all of his creative goals.

Early in his career, Jason hit the ground running and has worked on everything from directing music videos and short films, to fully producing and editing nationally-syndicated TV shows and has even recenty completeted his first full-length feature film which he wrote and directed. Several of his films have made it to film festivals such as Gasparilla, Tampa Bay Underground, and Cenflo.

Jason currently produces for television and also has some personal film projects in the works.



Jason Morillo, Filmmaker, Full Sail grad and professional TV editor & producer

Jason Morillo

Nic Rodriguez

Niczemi Nic Rodriguez Miami FL music producer

Nicholas-Zemi Rodriguez produces music of all generes.  He makes up one-half of a musical group along with his grammy-nominated brother, Joese Urayoan Rodriguez.  Music was essentially instilled into their lives at an early age.  Their father is a percussionist with every kind of instrument you can bang with.  At the age of 3, Nic was already playing the drums. At 12 years old, he discovered he could produce a variety of sounds on the computer.  His passion continued to evolve and he eventually taught himself how to play other instruments.  Nic joined several small cover bands and even toured the west coast.  Nic comes from a background of rock and hiphop. This diversity, along with his love for all music, influences his approach and reinforces his desire to strive for the unexpected.

Melanie Morillo Seiderman

Melanie has always been fascinated by animation and games, which led her to  Ringling College where she received her bachelor's degree in Game Art & Design.

From there, she has moved on to  creating art assets for video games and interactive mobile applications, but all the while, using editing and filmmaking techiques to showcase her work.

Melanie has worked side-by-side with Jason on several film projects, acting as the producing manager, storyboard artist, and overall assistant.



Melanie Morillo

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