Frequently Asked Questions: 

This is a selection of questions we've answered a lot in the past, and so I just wanted to jot it down for anyone who finds it convenient or helpful!

Why should I choose Wedding Videography? 

Let's not get it twisted: Photography is super important! We love and appreciate photography as its own medium. However, video is going to document your wedding day differently, as it will capture both visuals and audio - speeches, vows, and candid moments, just as they are. 


It's one of the most cliche sayings, but it's true: your wedding day will go by in a flash, and you won't remember most of it. We can say with certainty that you won't ever regret having captured those moments on video.

How do you Work with Photographers?

We firmly believe that photographers and videographers are more than capable of working together harmoniously. We love working with great photographers!

The way we like to work with your photographer(s) is to shadow most of their actions throughout the day.  We do this to 1) ensure the day runs smoothly and on time, 2) to ensure we aren't in each other's shots, and 3) make it easier on you!

We want photographers to have control of most of the portrait sessions as we know how important those bridal and family photos are and how usually little time there is to capture it all.  When it's time for any speaking however, that's when we request to take a bit more precedence: Card readings, interviews, vows, speeches. So important to make sure the visual and sound for those are captured successfully!

How do you Work on the Big Day?

Full-day weddings are almost always filmed with two videographers. We do this to be able to switch between a hand-held camera and a steady-cam, or to switch to the drone, and still have another camera constantly running capturing as many moments as possible.  We run multiple cameras during your ceremony (some on tripods), and most main events such as speeches and dances, even if solely for back-up. It's also nice to have two videographers while the couple is getting ready in separate rooms or separate locations.

Sound for video is super important, so we use wireless microphones and/or audio recording devices that connect to your DJ's sound system any time a DJ is present.

We work in unison with your photographer(s), and use pretty much the same timeline. We do need extra set-up and break-down time for the multiple cameras, sound equipment, lighting, etc. and might like to do a few extra shots or techniques, so, we like to consult on your wedding timeline and factor those things in. We're always happy to make suggestions, but otherwise, your timeline stays relatively the same!


Our style is a blend of mostly documentary style, candid coverage with a bit of cinematic imagery that comes from your portrait session(s). As much as we would love to do a big production and direct the day, it's really more about 

Why is Videography so "expensive"?

Ok, no one actually asks us this, but we know you're thinking it!  We totally understand the sticker shock that comes with hiring a videographer. After all, it can be a rather large wedding day investment! 

What most dont realize is that your actual wedding day is only a FRACTION of the work when it comes to videography.  There'a planning and consulting beforehand, and a lot of time afterwards dedicated to editing


Also, consider this: how much did you spend on your photographer? $500? $5000? Was the price based on quality and experience? Number of hours? 2nd shooter? Licensed and insured? All the same applies for videography. 


If you're considering hiring a wedding videographer, you should expect to have a similar budget for video as you do photos. The pre-wedding and wedding day work between photographers and videographers is similar, and post work (editing your video) can be as much or considerably more because we are working with moving pictures AND sound.

Always consider photos and videos an investment, not just because of the cost, but because of the immense value it will hold for you, your S.O., family, and friends. And that's for life.

What kind of Turnaround can I expect?

Turnaround can depend on the length of product, the number of products, and the time of year, but typically our turnaround is approximately 8-12 weeks off-season and 10-16 weeks during wedding season/holidays.

All of our editing is done in house by just the two of us and handled with personal care and love!  We do not currently outsource any of our work.

What about Music for our Video?

All of our music is selected and purchased from online music licensing sites so both the videographer and couple have the legal right to use and display and distribute your wedding video(s).  It's difficult to explain the exact process for choosing the right song for each couple's video, but we do spend lots of time listening to songs and narrowing down the right choice, also taking into consideration the couple's personalities and their own music preferences/styles if possible.


What is Raw Footage?

The term "Raw" doesn't quite have the same meaning for industry professionals as it does for  our clients (technically, RAW is a file format blah blah whatever), but as a product, it is a collection of everything we filmed as a series of clips, from every camera, unedited and untreated, delivered on a storage drive. This is not a choice for everyone, but it can be very valuable:

The Upsides:  You have EVERYTHING. The outtakes, stuff that didn't make it to the cutting room floor, etc. And it is in the original format, so if you ever wanted to do an edit of your own or hire someone else for the edit, that freedom is yours. You OWN your footage.

The Downsides:  It's a bit messy. You will have a lot of clips to sort through that sometimes aren't very polished or even good for that matter. It's not the most easily viewable or sharable the way an edited video would be.

We always make sure to explain what Raw Footage entails because it might be confused with a full day documentary edit, and we want to make sure you know what you're getting!

Don't see answers for your questions here?  Contact us directly or submit a helpful FAQ you think inquiring couples would want to know! 



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